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Children's Programs

Children's Ministry at FUMCRB

First United Methodist Church of Redondo Beach offers several programs especially designed for children. For more information scroll down to view upcoming events or you can email our Children's Ministry Director at

Children's Sunday School at 9:30 AM:

Ages 3 - 3rd grade:

Sunday School begins upstairs with song, scripture, games and crafts.  After a large group introduction to the weeks scripture selection the children are split into age-level groups to dive deeper into the lesson. 
The children are then led to the Sanctuary where they participate in communion with their parents.  


We're excited to introduce a new curriculum called "Spark."  Spark lessons correspond with the Revised Common Lectionary- hleping kids get more out of both Worship and Sunday School.  Basically- your kids will get the same message on a Sunday morning that you do!   Check out the scope and sequence summary here.

The Spark Curriculum is bible centered with children enteracting with their bible story books each and every week.  Uniquely designed for children ages 2-3rd Grade The Spark Story Bible  brings God's Word to life through colorful art and rich retelling of 150 of the most popular Bible stories, encouraging a childs imagination through images and text that is engaging, thought provoking, and fun! There is also an activity suggestion or query for every story.  Preschoolers and new Sunday School students will recieve a Story Bible of their own upon enrollment in class.   Current students interested in purchasing the new Bible can do so by following this link or talking with Katherine .



Grades 4th & 5th:

During the summer months, this age group is invited to participate and share in our worship service.  There are guided worksheets in the back of the sanctuary to help them make observations about the elements and purpose of worship.

During the school year, we meet regularly in the "Church R Us" room, which is located above the nursery.  We are using the Connect curriculum, a lesson plan that engages these children on a two year journey through the bible in chronological order. 

We have created a special name for the 4th & 5th grade youth, called Church R Us.  To learn more about how we have tailored our programming for this age group, visit Church R Us.


Children and Worship:

Children are welcome at all three of our worship services.  Spending time in worship is important for little ones, but if you are looking for a little more wiggle room, ushers can guide you to the Heath Chapel, where simple activities, books and games are available for your child to use.  The 11 a.m. service may be watched remotely in Heath Chapel.


Nursery Care

Quality childcare for children ages four and under is provided during all three worship services. Loving, paid caregivers staff the nursery and several developmentally appropriate activities are available for children to choose.  Please be sure to take a few minutes to fill out the new registration form online.  Our Nursery is overseen by our Children’s Director Katherine Stanfill, and is staffed by Adriana Hwang, Angelica Amirpanah, Daryl Thomas, and Jennifer Amirpanah.

Vacation Bible School 2014

This year's "Workshop of Wonders" Vacation Bible School will take place from 9am-12:20pm, June 23rd- June 27th. Click here for more information and registration.


BeachFaith Kids Drama Camp 2014

We will host a Kids' Drama Camp this summer, August 3-7. Click here for more information and registration.


For more information on Family Ministry events i.e. Parent Night Out, or UMKIC here.


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Church R' Us Scooter's Jungle Adventure

7/30/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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On Monday the Church R' Us went to Scooter's Jungle. Wide eyed and adrenaline pumping we waited patiently and listened for the safety talk to be done. Safety first! For all of the chaperones this would be the first time we have played in Scooter's Jungle. It wasn't long till the kids showed us the ropes. There was a

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The More The Merrier!

7/28/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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This past Saturday the Thatchers hosted the Imagine No Malaria Lemon-Aid stand in front of their house. Using social media to get the word out, they created a Facebook event and invited all their friends and family to come over and enjoy ice cold lemonade and yummy brownies! Along with other kids from our church to help host the stand, they were ...

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Gable House BOWL!

7/16/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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SO MUCH FUN = multiple pictures to share!
Although it was a busy night for most we had fun nonetheless. We were not aware that for groups they now have trophies for the player with the most points and towels for the player with the lowest points. "S" and "A" were our champions of the night, "W" and "H&...

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Drive-Thru Style!

7/16/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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The Tuuholoaki girls take the Boulevard
"Without intending to, our Lemon-Aid stand became more of a Drive-Thru which we thought was pretty cool! People saw us from the side of the road and would stop by. We had more customers driving than walking or biking. As for spreading the word, most of our customers knew our cause before coming

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Beach LemonAid

7/15/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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Brooke and Mattie Miller took their LemonAid stand to the beach and set up by the Bike path.  
 "We met lots of nice people who were interested in the Imagine No Malaria campaign.  Two different men gave us $10 and several didn't ask for change back or threw in a couple extra dollars.  It was a great day for a lemonade


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7/14/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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From wikipedia: In some contexts, namaste is used by one person to express gratitude for assistance offered or given, and to thank the other person's for his or her generous kindness.

The divine Izzy spent Monday hosting the LemonAid Stand at her Mom & Dad's buisness: Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach.  She offered  Sweet ...

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Round up the neighbors

7/14/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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Our very own Prayer Lady extrodinare Leila rounded up her neighbors to host a LemonAid stand to end Malaria in Anderson Park last weekend.  
From Leila: "I should say that my neighbors daughter and her friends did most of the work and were very professional!  We raised $40. I took the leftover lemonade to my tennis class ... and ...

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What we do= inspires others!

7/12/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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Melinda Dodge Associate Pastor at Los Altos United Methodist Church heard about our LemonAid stands at the UMC Church conference.  Here is a picture of the stand she held with her daughter.
"Lucie is excited to help fight and end malaria! We are so grateful that we have the gifts to be able to help others! Thank you to Cal-...

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Church R' Us Summer Movie Night

7/9/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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This Summer, for our annual burger and movie night, the Church R' Us went to watch Earth to Echo! We had lots of fun, yummy burgers and shakes and the movie was great! Both the kids and chaperones recommend it for all ages. The event served as our summer kick off outing and is always a great time to mingle and meet the new or older faces of the


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Lemon AID Stand Kick Off!

7/9/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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Written by Mele Tuuholoaki (Children's Summer Intern)

On July 4th we toasted the country’s birthday over some ice cold lemonade! Kicking off our Imagine No Malaria Lemon-aid Stand, we chose to host the stand during our Annual July 4th Block Party. We set up the canopy, pulled some chairs, set up the lemonade stand and were ready to go! ...

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Kids passionate for Missions!

7/3/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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By Mele Tuuholoaki (Children's Ministry Summer Intern)
Reflecting on such an amazing week, I am both in awe and humbled by the kids passion. One of the highlights of my week was seeing how driven our “Visioneers” were about our missions. Not only were our Visioneers learning and motivated to exceed our goal that week but also ...

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Behind The Scenes of VBS

6/27/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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By Mele Tuuholoaki (Children's Ministry Summer Intern)
"Having been a volunteer for VBS in the past, I too shared some curiosity as to what exactly goes on while everyone else is rotating from station to station. Recently I’ve been asked this question during VBS week from some of the volunteers and I reply; “Oh, we are still ...

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Game Time at VBS

6/26/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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(written by Luke McCandless- Summer Intern)
"I remember being a kid at VBS. Among my favorite stations was Games. It was the place where I could have fun with my friends. Naturally, I was both excited and nervous when I found out that I would be leading it this year. I wanted to share my experience with the children, but I was wondering if


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Meet Our Summer Interns!

6/4/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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Welcome to our Summer Interns in Children and Family Ministries
Our Staff-Parish Relations Committee is very pleased to announce that we have hired two summer college interns: Mele Tuuholoaki and Luke McCandless. Both are members of our congregation.

They have already begun their work--both will be with us part-time through the summer,

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Road to Emmaus

5/14/2014 by Katherine Stanfill
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​Would you recognize Jesus if he approached you on the road?

Last week’s Bible story was The Road to Emmaus from Luke 24:13-35. During Sunday School we had different kids volunteer to leave the room and come back in with something "changed". The challenge was to see if we could recognize the slight differences in our


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